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Project Description
This project is designed to use the dhcpsapi.dll to manage dhcp servers remotely in C#. I was recently tasked with manipulating dhcp remotely and the resources for doing that with the dhcpsapi.dll are quite limited. This project is designed to be a resource for the dhcpsapi.

A little background history on my coding. I have not come into C# with any type of educational background or good structure of development. Everything that I have learned, here and there, has been from the web and mostly from Google queries; however, if anyone has pointers for me or a good resource in learning more efficient ways of coding I am always open to learning a more efficient and correct way, please send me an email.

With that said, I hope this will be a good learning experience for those of you that are new developers and an aid in your workday.

The next function we are going to cover is going to be the scope option. Which is a very valuable piece to manipulate on a Windows DHCP server.

Currently Supported Functions
DhcpCreateOption -Partial, String only (more to come later)

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